April 22, 2014

Spring Break Sale!

It's Spring Break, so I figured it's a perfect time to throw a sale! Woohoo!!! All of my products will be 15% off from Tuesday, April 22nd - Thursday, April 24th!  It's a great time to grab some fun end of the year activities! 

It's crazy how fast the year comes to an end after this vacation.  Yikes! There is always so much to do and so little time! Projects, field trips, end of the year author's breakfast, and of course assessments, assessments, and more assessments!  Well at least that's how I always feel! Between DRA's, DIBELS, the end of the year math test, portfolios- the list goes on! In the mix of all this, I am always looking for the kids to have a memory book before they leave me so I figured I'd create one!  If you are interested, check out my new End of Year Memory Books for Kindergarten, First, and Second Grade!  

 Have a great week!!!

April 21, 2014

Happy Monday!

Hi all! I hope everyone had a great Easter weekend! The weather was perfect and it was so much fun celebrating my little ones first Easter!!! 

I've also been busy at work making some new products! I just recently finished my Second Grade Morning Work. So if you are looking for some springtime review, you should check it out! You could use this pack for homework, independent work, or even a quick assessment. I also bundled together my First and Second Grade Morning Work in case you want to review concepts or challenge some of your students! Just click on the pictures below to check out the previews!

Also, this week Janet from Teacher Times Two is having an amazing giveaway! There are so many great packs you could win!! You should totally head over to enter!!
Happy Monday!!!

April 15, 2014

Technology Tuesday!

I'm sure a lot of you have heard of and/or use BrainPOPJr. in your classroom, but if you haven't you should totally convince your school to buy a subscription! I LOVE these little movies and of course the kids do too! They are really kid friendly so it makes the concepts super easy to understand.  I like showing these movies at times before teaching a concept or even after as a review.  The kids get a kick out of the videos when they have already learned the concept and feel that they are real "experts."  Cuties!! The characters in the videos are great (Annie & Moby the robot)!  I have to admit I definitely get a chuckle out of Moby- silly robot!!  

You should check out the website and look around.  If you type in "Free Movies" you can see a few different ones so you get an idea if you think it's worth it or not.  There is so much more to the website too! There are activities, lesson ideas, games, drawing and writing activities, plus more! You can have your students take a quiz at the end of the video (paper or online).  I just have the students read the questions and we answer them as a class.  I just love that there is a movie for almost every concept I teach. I swear the kids sometimes listen more to the robot than me! haha! 

Here's a sample BrainPOP movie from You Tube on butterflies:
Just click on the picture below to bring you right to the website.  There's also Brain POP for the older grades!
Do you use BrainPOP Jr. in your classroom?!  
Happy Tuesday!!!

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