January 21, 2015

Common Core Math Assessments

I must admit when I opened my blog today, I cringed when I realized the last time I wrote a post was a month and a half ago!  One of my goals is to blog more! So, I'm back and I'm excited to share with you my newest product...Common Core Math Assessments for First Grade!  Woohoo!! I can hear you yelling, "Yes!"  Haha probably not, I'm sure you are sick of it!  But I'm here to help! 

After many hours of creating and really getting to know the standards inside and out, my product is complete!  I decided to include 3 assessments for each standard.  I figured you could use the 3 as a pre-assessment, practice, and a post-assessment. Or if you are like me, give a couple of assessments after you've taught the standard to see if the child truly has mastered it.  I sometimes find it’s hard to base a student’s knowledge on one assessment.  They have good and bad days just like us!  So I wanted to give you some options.  I also love being able to share these assessments with parents at conference time.  
To give you a little taste of my new product, I have included a Freebie below.  Just click here or on the image below to grab it.  

If you are interested in the full packet, check it out. It is 91 pages!!!  Hopefully it will help you get jump started with assessing the Common Core!

Please check back soon for a giveaway!!!  Have a great week!

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