December 07, 2014

My Favorite Things Blog Hop

December is one of my favorite months of the year! I love preparing for the holidays, seeing snow on the ground (not too much), cooking and baking, and just spending time with my family.  And to top it off this year, I am teaming up with some great bloggers to provide you with some AMAZING giveaways!!! I am talking some serious stuff here!!! There are SOOO many great things you could win!!! Thanks to Laura Graham from Where the Magic Happens for putting this together!  

Since this blog hop is all about our favorite things I would love to share some of my favorite things with you!!

First, my favorite restaurant!!! Ugh- this was definitely a tough one because I love to eat!!!  There are so many restaurants in the North End of Boston that I love, it was so hard to choose from.  So I thought about all of the places I've been and there are plenty more to try, but I narrowed it down to this restaurant called Prezza!  I can't say a bad thing about it!  I have always had delicious meals so I am giving it an A+ vote! One of my favorites!  If you ever head to Boston, you definitely have to check out the North End restaurants.  

Next up... my favorite store!!  Again, when it comes to picking favorite things I always have such a hard time because I like A LOT of things for different reasons. And shopping, I love it more than going out to eat!  I could shop for hours and hours! But I'd have to say right now...The Loft is my favorite store.  I feel like I shop there for my teacher wardrobe (haha), to just get a fun going out shirt, or a dress for a wedding!  I also love buying necklaces, scarves and fun belts from there!  I'm all about the accessories, they totally complete an outfit! The Loft is also a favorite among my work friends, so there has been several days where we are wearing the same outfit! haha the kids think it's hilarious, "Are you sisters??!!" They always ask!

My favorite beauty item has to be my Bare Essentials eye shadow.  I used to love two colors called "Grace" and would combine it with "Whisper" but they no longer make it. I must of missed that because I would have stocked up!!! So I had to move on to some other colors and found "Top Notch" (a duo pack).  You can pretty much wear it anytime!  Plus, I also love their bronzer so I'd recommend any of their products really! 

I know I mentioned earlier that December was one of my favorite months so this brings me to my favorite tradition. Every year on Christmas Eve my family has a big party at our house.  It's been going on for like 30 years now and pretty much the same people have come for years! It's such a fun (and somewhat stressful) day getting everything ready for the party.  I have the best time listening to Christmas songs and cooking in the kitchen with the fam!  This year is going to be even more special because my little one will be on the move, walking all over the place along with her little cousins! Ohhh how the times have changed!!!  My big contribution to the party food is my deviled eggs... my signature dish...hahah! Random right, but everyone loves them!

Lastly, I would love to share with you my favorite teaching item or items.  I have to go with my grid line post-it easel paper and Mr. Sketch markers.  I just love them and I use them daily!  I used to write on easel paper with lines but one year I discovered grid easel paper and never looked back.  I know it's expensive so a big thank you to my district for always making me happy and supplying the first grade team with this newly amazing paper!! My team has gotten so spoiled that one year we got all lined paper because of a mix up and we just had to send it back! haha are we serious?!! There's just something about the grid that makes it easier to write on and it's post-it! Nothing beats it!  
And lastly... the best's GIVEAWAY time!! I will be donating a Dunkin Donuts gift card to this amazing blog hop giveaway!!! I know there are some Starbucks lovers out there, but my vote goes to Dunkin D's!  I just love my coffee and wake-up wraps! 

Also, my featured items will be 50% off in my TpT store this week, so please check them out!!! I hope you join in on the giveaways, win big, and check out some amazing new blogs!!!  To make your search easier type in #myfavoritethings2014 in TpT and you will find some great deals!


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