December 03, 2014

December Linky Party

I'm excited to be linking up with Lisa from Pawsitively Teaching and Inspired Owl's Corner.  I just love this linky idea! 

Here are my 3 pinterest finds for the month of December:

I always like to change up my activities from year to year and I loved finding this gem on pinterest! 
I just thought these Q-tip snowmen were simply adorable, and I really think the kids are going to enjoy this activity!  These will be perfect when I read all of my favorite snowmen books to the kids.  If this is successful I hope to do more crafts using Q-tips!  Such a great find!

Also, every year I try to come up with something different to give to my kids before winter vacation.  I usually give a book or a little goodie bag with a pencil, stickers, erasers, etc.  But then I found this!
This reindeer idea is super cute! Plus, everyone loves a delicious cup of cocoa!  I'm going to have to pass this idea along to my team.  

Each year, we have our winter holiday party and the parents come in and do 4 crafts with the kids.  One of my favorite crafts one year was, "Stained Glass hearts" for Valentine's Day.  I was so excited to come across this tree activity because they were just like the hearts my class made. 
These are going to be perfect for our class party and they will look so pretty in the windows.   Love these Christmas trees! Sooo cute!

I look forward to reading everyone else's posts! Just link up below to share your ideas!


  1. The Qtip snowman project is adorable! I think the kids would have so much fun making those. Great idea!

    Forever in Fifth Grade

  2. I LOVE your Qtip snowmen and your Christmas Trees!!! I will have to try both of these!! :)

  3. You shared some adorable ideas! I have pinned them all! Thanks for linking up and sharing!

  4. All these ideas you have shared here are really wonderful and I will surely use them to make my next event planning successful. Anyway thanks for your help.


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