June 04, 2014

Sweet Summertime!

I can't believe another school year is coming to an end!!  I know so many of you are already done with school, but for us we still have a few more weeks! Ugh!  The end of the year is always so crazy, it's packed with giving assessments, end of the year projects, packing up our classroom, etc. It's always bitter sweet- so sad to see the cuties go, but so happy with all of their accomplishments! Those first graders are super stars, they grow SO much!  

Ohh how I love the summer, but it also makes me a little nervous that my little ones may forget some of the things they learned this year!  Eek!  So in order to help maintain their skills, I created a Summer Review Packet for first grade and for kindergarten, so these little ones can keep their skills sharp!  You will find math and literacy practice pages, reading and writing activities and more!!!  If you don't usually send home a packet, you could always use some of these activities as the year comes to an end or the first week of school!

I also have a Summer Fun Packet that you could use in your classroom!  So many options!  Just click on the images below to check them out!  

1 comment:

  1. Hey Andrea,
    Thanks for following my on TPT! I'm following you as well. Your summer packets look awesome for summer school or tutoring. Have a great summer.



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